9 Simple Truths I’ve Learned About Minimalism from 2 Years Living out of a Suitcase

Condensed into a 3-minute read

Sam Dixon Brown


Croatia, June 2022. Image by Author

Nearly two and a half years ago I took my minimalist lifestyle to the next level.

I sold my house, car, and pretty much everything else I owned and left the UK for a life of perpetual travel with only one suitcase (and a Charlie Brown) for company.

My bag holds about 100 things including all my tech, clothing, and personal items. The average American home has 300,000 items.

So, unsurprisingly, whenever anyone asks me about my lifestyle they focus on the things. What do I miss? How did I decide what to throw out? How can I possibly fit everything in one bag?

But what I have learned since taking the ultimate test in minimalism is that it's really not about how much stuff you own at all.

Here are 9 very simple, one(ish) sentence, lessons I’ve learned on my journey.

1. Everyone can benefit from minimalism.

It’s certainly not just for privileged, 20-something, single men.

Pretty much all of us have too much stuff and could benefit from cutting things out in favor of a cleaner, quieter, simpler life.

2. Minimalism forces you to decide what you value most.

Not just in terms of possessions, and how you spend your money, but how you spend your time. The content you consume. The jobs you juggle. The social events you show up at.

None of them are immune to the benefits of minimalism.

3. A decluttered, simpler life gives you more time and attention to spend on creating, thinking, learning, cooking, sharing amazing experiences…

The things that bring deep contentment and fulfillment to your life.

I’ve now got the luxury of being able to follow my curiosity and say yes to whatever opportunities come along.

Helping out in a friend’s winery? Yes.
Competing in the olive picking world championships? Yes.
Pivoting into…