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Entrepreneur. 30-something retiree. Permanent traveler. Wine pro. Inspiring thoughts about Financial Freedom, Entrepreneurship, Travel, Food & Wine

What you need to know about early retirement

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1. I’m *really* glad I didn’t follow my parents’ path

Don’t let teachers and bosses don’t hold sway over your life

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My brain basically thinks about wine and where to go next

Finding a picture of me without a glass of wine in hand is almost impossible

I’m from England but I have no home

I’m not afraid of making big life changes


You don’t have to move to Thailand to save money. I moved 1 mile

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And what I’m doing instead to cultivate meaning and purpose

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My fast-tracked journey to retirement in my 30s

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Step 1. WTF is FIRE?

How I felt when being faced with a frosty reception in Croatia

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What you can take from my experience investing in myself

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Medium I love you, but please fix these features, fast

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Entrepreneurship is scary — but these steps will help you make the leap

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